Providing expert opinion on life, disability and critical illness claims for both the Insurance Company and the Plaintiffs. Opinions to counsel have provided most often for a favorable resolution. Barry’s extensive knowledge of the world of risk management operations and distribution both in career and brokerage markets and reinsurance, combined with the prominent role played in many insurers’ standards of business practice, contribute to a most advantageous expert opinion.

This is a service offered to parties seriously wanting to avoid full litigation and a public laundering of their positions.

Barry has testified both in the US and Canada.


With over 35 years of underwriting expertise in all lines of individual insurance products, Barry has been providing underwriting relief to major insurance companies across the North American and the Caribbean markets. Barry has been available to provide short and long term relief during staff shortages, peak periods both from remote as well as within home offices around the world. Barry prides himself on providing timely service and accurate decisions.


Auditing is an integral part of a company’s performance monitoring for its underwriting department. It ensures that underwriters are operating within the guidelines set out by the actuaries and is therefore critical to profitability. Underwriting audits also assist reinsurance companies in assessing the quality of the direct writers’ underwriting staff which can affect the pricing as well as the auto-binds offered by the reinsurer. Barry has conducted audits for numerous companies within Canada and the Caribbean and has successfully negotiated reduced reinsurance premiums and more favorable treaty provisions.


Having served as Chief Underwriter for several leading international companies in North America and the Caribbean, Barry is able to customize a training solution to suit your company’s needs. He can train underwriters at various stages in their career; from those just starting out to intermediate levels looking to hone their skills in preferred or sub-standard risk selection to the next level. Barry also offers field underwriting training to company producers and brokers and has a track record of increasing new business income while protecting the mortality of the insurance company.


For the past 15 years Barry has consulted for many of the leading insurance companies in North America and the Caribbean and before that spent 6 years at the senior managerial level at Canada Life. He has been intimately exposed to and assisted with the development and deployment of international best practices in both underwriting and the wider insurance operations. In addition to process reviews, Barry has also collaborated extensively on product design and the development of effective monitoring and control methods.


Do you have a file that you know your underwriter didn’t make a fair assessment on? Has your client been denied a claim?. Barry has extensive education, training and experience in positions which require knowledge of underwriting, duties and responsibilities of agents and brokers, law and claims adjusting, coverage disputes, customs and practices in the insurance industry, good faith-bad faith allegations. Reviews can be done on: denied claims; underwriting files; correspondence; and claims reporting procedures. Barry can also assist with coverage disputes between policyholder or beneficiaries and the insurance companies, representing plaintiff and defendant clients.